The Benefits and Advantages of an Autumn Event

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10 Amazing TIPS OF Having an Autumn Event


At exactly this time of the year I was planning and dreaming with A&J about their wedding day. It was less cold than this year but they were careful about the reception of their guests in a rainy and cold day as it was predicted. Typical Dutch weather during November.

The decision was to have a dinner in a restaurant in the heart of The Hague City. As their wedding planner I didn’t see a problem with the decision made, in my previous experiences with weddings, all major events I had so far were indoor.

But let’s get ot the advantages /tips of having your celebration happening during the Autumn season, without to lose the beauty of the moment itself.

1. Choose a Place Where You Feel Cozy

Don’t be scared about the degrees dropping down a little. Feel the breeze and admire the changing of colours of this beautiful season. Autumn shouldn’t mean only indoor celebrations. You can have an amazing time with friends and family on a terrace, garden or outdoor restaurant for example.

2. Setting

Autumn weather can be unpredictable, specially in the Netherlands. If you’re feeling adventurous and want it to have the beauty of the mother nature as a backdrop, I’d suggest to have an indoor back-up plan or a handy options like sun shades, outdoor umbrellas and so on.

3. Let the Autumn Atmosphere Inspires You

Developing a theme is a fun part of event planning. Creativity is what we won’t miss when it comes to design and styling an event. It can start with anything. The leaves falling off the trees, the unforgettable trip of last year (Autumn in New York) or even the famous pumpkins .

4. Cheers! Raise a Glass and Enjoy Differents Drinks

Time to relax and enjoy the exotic flavor that this season brings. It’s time! Time for a tasty drink with apples, cinnamon, chocolate and orange. I can smell it already. The good thing here is that you can make a good combi with cold drinks to “warm up” while the meal is being served and a hot drink with the desert.

5. Thoughts About Food

Did anyone say desert? Yes! We will get there. First things first: the autumn special meals. Every country has the special meal for each season. If you don’t want to bring this one up, what about stealing one from other countries?

In Holland, we are ready for the comfy foods, but I love the fact that we can easily include a speciality from other countries that everybody will enjoy.

6. Never Too Old to Play

I keep saying it because I believe that it matters to all ages. Why not organize a few nice and fun games for your party? Of one thing I am sure: It will keep all your guests pretty warm and happy. Make sure to have some board games available in case the party has to move indoors. Always have music on hand. Use a Bluetooth® speaker so your guests can sync to it choose some of the playlists too.



7. Heat Source Options

We already know that it is good idea to have a back up plan if you decided to have your party outdoor during the Autumn season, so this is a good tip for both indoor-outdoor parties. A heating source which can be a bonfire, a patio heater that can be inside tents and as extra care: blankets and scarfs.

8. Keep the Guests Comfortable

When planning a party we want to have a good time with our loved ones, we also want to enjoy it with them. Don’t plan a party only thinking in how to make everybody happy, plan a party also for yourself to have a good time.Ask for help, hire a professional to take care of the details that you don’t want to worry about when you’re in the middle a group giving the attention your guests deserve.

Besides this, if the weather is still a problem for you, also hand warmers are a clever way to keep the guests warm. They will love you for it! As well as a cup of Hot Chocolate. Why not?

9. Make An Informative Invitation

You can always put as much information as you need right in your invitation. The most common is to let them know about the dress code, but let’s give them more. Don’t need to be fancy, it’s up to you though. If the decision is to be outside, make it very clear upfront. This way guests will understand they need to dress appropriately for the weather. Make sure to let guests know if there is a weather-alternative date or if the event is rain or shine.

In case you’re not that casual, a RSVP is handy to help with the prep in advance. Like the last topic.

10. Favors

In my opinion, there’s nothing lovelier than giving to your guests a little ‘thank you’ for being present at your event. It can also be a funny, weird one. You may want to  choose something cheap, but useful or consumable is ‘THE THING’.

In the end, if you’re still doubting from where to start planning your party or you really want to throw a nice one but you don’t have time enough to organise it:

Let’s have a coffee to see how can I help you and make all your dreams come true. It’s possible! Everything is possible.




Anna Gallo.