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It’s my belief that the key to a successful event is making your guests feel special. I have experience enhancing the visibility of your brand while at the same time focusing on the details that make guests feel like they’re the center of attention.

Thanks for being so careful and pay attention to all details! That does make a difference in the end results.
Thank you so much for helping us create such a fun and engaging launch party. Your support meant that we could really be hosts and look after our guests.
Emma Smillie

Owner and Founder , FloLab

In my experience, Ana has kept an open and positive mindset throughout our partnership. As StartDock Rotterdam, we hosted Chat & Cheers last may. The event has had a positive outcome for everyone involved. Ana shows passion and excitement with everything she does.
Lois Dickhoff

Community Manager, StartDock

I am the founder of a women’s networking group in Rotterdam. Not only did Ana bring her kind and friendly personality to our group as a member but she has also volunteered her services to help us support women in Rotterdam. We are a new foundation and are learning as we go. Ana has been invaluable with this. She has helped at our first two big events. The first she focused on decorations, the second she was our event coordinator. Let me tell you, I wish I had her as a coordinator for the first event as well, it made a huge difference! Not only did she make sure the venue looked beautiful and reflected our message, she also took care of all the little organizing details so I could enjoy the event and connect with my guests. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to organize an event!

Owner and Founder , IWNG Rotterdam